Beton is a graphic design studio founded by and consisting of Benjamin Buchegger, Daniel Car and Oliver Hofmann, based in Vienna and Salzburg.

We create visual identities, exhibition design, books, editorial design and websites for clients in the broad field of the cultural sector. We believe that a design solution can be found in the given problem; often this solution is not the answer to a question, but rather the proposed question itself.

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We are not offering internships at the moment but will look through your application if sent in.

Our website is under constant construction.

We are currently working with:
Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Akademie Schloss Solitude (Solitude Journal)
Falter Zeitung Wien
argekultur Salzburg (Open Mind Festival)
Land Salzburg (p-art-icipate)
nitty gritty
Splitter Verlag Wien
Spot the Dot (Faster Than Skincancer)
Stadt Wien – Büchereien
Stadtgalerie Salzburg
Szene Salzburg (Sommerszene)